Saturday, October 1, 2016

War is because never an ultimate solution. What is it going to bring? One nation's victory, other ones defeat, but casualties on both sides. What is the point of fighting when anyway we are losing lives? What is the point of peace, when it has to be achieved by force? What does war mean to us? To a politician (be in Delhi or Isalamabad) it can be a kind of conspiracy, to the buisness class (who aren't going to be affected anyway) it might be fun, to the media persons another topic to raise their TRPs, to an over patriotic person (on either side of the border) it's a sign of power, but in real sense its pure destruction, to a peace lover it's just vain. We have read about many wars in the history of world, we praise the fighters, the planners but at the end we are always dissapointed by the loss it does. The loss that cannot be compensated. The loss, it seems, is always huge than the victory. But what do we learn from it? Our great media instead of spreading love & peace at this time is creating too much hype about war, politicians too are feeding the hype & we people, sitting in front of our TV sets talk about war a li'l too casually. May be because we are not the ones at direct threat. We've got a shield, a shield called soldiers. Its true that many soldiers use their positions wrong & voilate the human rights but that doesn't make whole of the army a culprit. The job they are in is worth respecting. Though we cannot because of that overlook the crimes they commit taking advantage of their uniforms but then there are honest soldiers and they sometimes die for something not worth dying for. I mean if a soldier dies protecting a common man, it's a matter of pride, but when a soldier dies for some piece of land, that is wrong. We have to understand that this concept of 'motherland' is less important than those who give up their lives for this very thing. And at the end of the day, neither economic nor political the biggest loss is social loss faced by the common man & ofcourse the soldiers & their families. The truth is that politicians of neither country actually care about the soldiers, because caring doesnt mean praising & saluting, it means better work conditions & assurance of a good life to their families (if they die) among other things. We have to have a heart towards them, & not just respect. They shouldn't die when they don't have to. I mean war is like a last resort, it can be inevitable sometimes, but as long as we can negotiate we must. I have come to hate Pak & India (read the politics). The two have completely forgot that we belong to each other. The current situation can be used on the contrary, to set an example of neighborhood & that is possible only by handling this conflict in a peaceful manner, talking to each other & not just taunting, so that no more soldiers die on either side of LoC. They may not be afraid of death, but I guess they'd be more happy alive. We say that we love our soldiers. Lets spread peace for their sake.